Recon Reserve Unit - How to Proceed


Dec 23, 2020
Hello and much respect to all. I appreciate any help/advice I can gather on this forum (I have reviewed many similar threads and have already gained a lot of great info). I am very interested in learning more about an 0321 reserves contract but am not sure of who to contact as I live in Akron, Ohio and there are not any reserve recon units in my state. By reading the other posts and great information by @Teufel I have gathered that it is possible to commute to any unit for training.

To my knowledge 4th recon battalion is the only recon reserve bat. and according to wikipedia the closest companies to Akron, OH are in Illinois and Georgia. To learn more who should I contact within these companies? I am not sure if there are specific recon recruiters or how to proceed appropriately. Some main questions I wanted to ask the recruiter/adviser from these units are:

1- Immediately after Basic/MCT would I attend drill with said company until they felt I was prepared for prep and BRC? Or would I not have this additional time/opportunity

2- Qualifications that need to be met prior to receiving a contract and attending Basic/MCT. I have read about an interview with the unit ? Any physical fitness qualifications for non-prior service members etc.

Appreciate any and all answers, references, and/or advice on how to proceed. This is my first post so I apologize in advance if not done efficiently.
@LimaPanther was able to get ahold of someone from Echo in IL but was told there was no one to speak to since i am non-prior service and would have to reach out to a recruiter.

I will try to reach out to my local recruiter(s) just thinking he may not be of much help. Have had a recruiter tell me no contracts available before to try and push for another MOS