1. S

    3 Mile Timed Run

    I'm medically set for PLC this summer. However, my 3 mile timed run isn't very good. I can max out the pull-ups and the crunches. The run is at 25:30 though. The issue is that I had been strength training and bulking for the past year so my cardio had gone to shit. I was able to reach a 455...
  2. TheKicker

    D1 football conditioning/workouts good prep for SFAS and 18X pipeline?

    Howdy SS: Alright, so I am an ex-D1 football player of two years from Texas. During our summer conditioning and camp we would run ungodly amounts of sprints, suicides, and a few longer runs (2-3 miles) every other week or so. We'd also do these things where you'd sprint 10yds, do 10...