1. D

    Family and SFQC, how to best succeed in both

    I have searched throughout the site and I couldn't find a thread that addressed my question directly, so I am brining it here to hopefully gain some insight. I have been married for a year and a half but had been dating for 5 years prior to marriage. We waited to get married because when we...
  2. Njonti

    .SARC pipeline and recycling

    Hello all, As I've been been perusing various information sources on the Navy SARC pipeline, I ran into possibly eye opening comments on becoming a SARC. Multiple comments stated that they were either Corpsman or in the Marine Corps and knew of SARC hopefuls that said you cannot recycle any...
  3. Docboats


    Hey guys, Long time lurker here. Figured I'd create an account while sitting bored at work. Was enlisted Navy for 9 years, SWCC/SOCM. I got out to educate myself. I have 1 year left on my Bachelors, then I plan on applying to med school and maybe coming back in.... who knows.
  4. TLDR20

    BSN for medically trained veterans!

    The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has started a program called the Veterans Access Program, which allows medically trained veterans access to a traditional or accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree(BSN).This means any medically trained veteran, or a veteran that wasn't a...