1. Maligator

    SOST podcast

    I came across this podcast over SOST and figured I would share it for anyone who might be interested. It includes a Q&A with a team physician and respiratory therapist.
  2. aspiringmilisurgeon

    Interest in SOST! Lot of questions!

    Below are my questions. I could not find proper details regarding these questions using the search feature and old threads. If I have overlooked something, please be patient and redirect me in the proper direction. 1) Do you know if there are SOST equivalents in the other branches? If so, what...
  3. ChaseZ33

    SF Surgical Teams

    Hey everyone, Was wondering if anyone could share some general information about special operations surgical teams i.e. Airforce SOST and other service equivalents. Currently a civilian Flight / Critical Care Nurse that is interested in the military either in the near future as a Nurse or...