special tactics

  1. L

    Introduction- Loofy

    Hello ShadowSpear community, I am a 30 year old male, with a personal training background of 10+ years, currently applying for Air Force ROTC. I intend to pursue an engineering degree at the University of Central Florida. The MOS I intend to apply for is that of either a Combat Rescue Officer...
  2. L

    Dropping SF packet as soon as I turn 20?

    Hey yall. I'm currently 18 years old. I graduate High School in a few weeks and I'll be shipping off soon after that. My dream is to be apart of an ODA. However, due to the age requirement, I do not qualify for the 18x pipeline. I plan on going in as an 11b with an Airborne contract. Once I...
  3. J

    Color Vision Standards

    Hi Everyone, I am currently trying to understand all the color vision standards that are needed to be met in order to become a PJ. I have talked with many people who have given me very conflicting information and cant find out anything online as all that info is also conflicting. My...
  4. Jonnyboy


    I am currently a active duty marine and I’m trying to transition to the AF and be a Tacp. I understand I have to do my full enlistment before I can be eligible. While me being active duty, would I have to EAS before a recruiter can even start any paper work on me. Any information from anyone who...
  5. J

    SOWT mentor

    I was wondering if there is a mentor group that sowt follows under or a sowt willing to give advice/information on job. Thank you for your help in advance. V/R Jerry
  6. R

    Special Tactics Family Life

    Hello all. I am new here and considering putting in for STO selection (also maybe ALO). I have found a few things on other sites, but am hoping to get a no kidding assessment of what family life is like after the pipeline. How often are you home vs out (TDY, Deployment, etc) and when you are...