training partner

  1. B

    Older Civilian w/Army SF Aspirations Introduction

    Howdy all, TL/DR: I'm a 31 year old civilian with aspirations of earning an 18X contract. I've been in corporate health and wellness for almost 7 years now. I've been a telephonic health coach, onsite coach coordinator, and wellness coordinator. I'm currently a specialty health coach, I...
  2. WhiteWolf

    Marsoc assessment and selection workout partner

    Good day motivators, please remove if not allowed. I am currently in search of like minded individuals in the Camp Pendleton area to train for a&s. Thanks for any input, have a good one.
  3. Ecam

    A&S Training Bud

    Good Afternoon, Anyone in the South Orange County / North Pendleton / San Clemente area interested in training for A&S? I live in Dana Point and am working through the 10 week prep course. Pm me if interested. Thank you for your time!
  4. H


    Hello ShadowSpear Network! I am a 20 y.o. college student, very pleased to be here. My goal upon graduation from college is to enlist in USAF Pararescue. I've been training for about 18 months now. Current PAST Scores: 74 Pushups 15 Pullups 72 Situps 9:20min / 1.5mi run 9:30min / 500m swim...
  5. ShadowSpear

    New "Find a Training Partner" Group Established

    Creation of a member map for this group is next on the list: AO Training Partners
  6. Chase F


    Doing my time here in the intro before putting in work later on. I'm Active Duty Air Force with just under 6 years under my belt. Not sure if I'm a "lifer" or not. Born into the military and the government has literally paid for me to see the world since birth... Literally. Not here to talk...