1. KML


    My name is Sgt. Kyle LeClair I'm 25 years old, born in Vermont. I've served five years in the United States Marine Corps as of my terminal date which is December 2019. I had great success in the Corps, during my time I was lucky enough to be successful in the conception and fleet...
  2. policemedic

    From Delta to Pharmacist--Helping Vets Fight Addiction

    This is pretty inspiring. He's facing quite a challenge; I have a large VA medical center in my district and many of the vets I encounter have some type of substance abuse issue. Sometimes this is not of their making--they're victims of poorly planned pain management for legitimate...
  3. TLDR20

    BSN for medically trained veterans!

    The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has started a program called the Veterans Access Program, which allows medically trained veterans access to a traditional or accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree(BSN).This means any medically trained veteran, or a veteran that wasn't a...