1955 Crash Located off the California Coast


Verified SOF
Aug 18, 2007
San Antonio Texas
I hope the can recover whatever remains are still with the wreckage, either way-the families can get the closure they deserve. RIP Airman.

LOS ANGELES — An amateur historian says the wreckage of an Air Force jet believed lost at sea 54 years ago with two crewmen aboard has been found off the coast of southern California.

G. Pat Macha, who heads a group of volunteer searchers, said Monday that the plane was found earlier this month during a sonar survey for another aircraft near Los Angeles.

Macha says divers matched a serial number on the wreckage to a Lockheed Martin T-33A jet trainer.

He believes the wreckage was a missing Air Force jet that departed Los Angeles International Airport on Oct. 15, 1955.

Macha turned over the information to the Los Angeles County sheriff's office and the military's Joint Prisoners of War/Missing in Action Accounting Command, which would be responsible for identifying the crew members.

The command says it appears likely Macha is correct but further investigation will be done. Lt. Col. Wayne Perry, a spokesman for the joint-military agency, says the command will determine whether the water is shallow enough to recover the wreckage.