2 CF personnel charged with sabotage, conspiracy, mischief and wilful property damage


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Feb 8, 2007
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This is crazy. :uhh: I'm sure there'll be a lot of chit chat going on about this one for a while now. Can't wait for the investigation to finish and court martial to end, so we can know officially what went on and actually talk about it. :D lol If it's not classified. :doh:

In case you're wondering what rank level a Petty Officer 2nd Class is, it's equal rank in the Army or Air Force is a Sergeant.

Here's a link that explains it.
Canadian Forces Ranks and Appointment Insignia

Navy personnel accused of sabotage keep working for military

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CBC News

A pair of Canadian Forces petty officers accused of sabotaging a classified government database at Ottawa's National Defence headquarters a year ago will continue working for the military for now.
Petty Officer 2nd Class Sylvia Reid and Petty Officer 2nd Class Janet Sinclair were charged Tuesday with sabotage, conspiracy, mischief and wilful property damage under the National Defence Act and the Criminal Code after allegedly corrupting the database in July 2007. The military will not reveal what was on the computer.
The director of military prosecutions will decide whether to proceed with a court martial.
The two accused were working for the Canadian Forces Support Unit in Ottawa at the time of the alleged offences, but are now based at CFB Esquimalt on Vancouver Island.
Lt.-Cmdr. Nathalie Garcia, a spokeswoman for the base, said the two will remain on active duty for the time being.
However, the nature of their work has not been determined, and officials are currently trying to find them jobs that won't involve sensitive information and computers.
'Rare' offence

Capt. Paule Poule, spokeswoman for the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal, which is the military investigation unit, said the charges faced by Reid and Sinclair are "very rare and isolated" and are being taken very seriously.
Michel Drapeau, a retired Canadian Forces colonel who teaches military law at the University of Ottawa, said that in 3½ decades in the military, he never saw a serving member of the Canadian Forces charged with sabotage.
Drapeau said everything from intelligence information to personnel files are stored on computers at National Defence headquarters in Ottawa and sabotage is a "very serious" offence.
"Canada is at war, and any [database] is critical to the performance of the Canadian Forces," he added.
Drapeau said he thinks it's odd that the military is allowing two people facing such charges to continue to serve.
"I fail to see why they would not, as a minimum, suspend them from active duty and allow a court of law to get to the bottom of it."
The investigation into the alleged database corruption was conducted by members of the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service, an independent military police unit that investigates serious and sensitive matters regarding National Defence property, DND employees and CF personnel serving in Canada and abroad. Military police at the Canadian Forces Support Unit in Ottawa also assisted in the investigation, which included computer forensic analysis.
Are they hot? What's their motivation? If they crime is so serious why are they still in uniform and working? It took a year for this to come to light?

Something stinks.
It's the way our stupid investigative service works and I'm actually surprised that it didn't come to light sooner. My bet is they were given access they shouldn't have been, didn't have the appropriate training and then fucked around with stuff that wasn't definitely not supposed to be played with. ;) So now they need to be made an example of but someone else is probably up to bat next.