.45 suppressors: Who makes "the best one"?

Ranger Psych

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Sep 6, 2008
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So.... taxes are done and the check's good enough to proquire a toy.

Who's currently manufacturing decent, high noise reduction rating silencers/suppressors for .45's?

I have a USP .45 Tactical this would be running on. Currently the two I have been looking at is either an Evolution .45 from AAC, or an Osprey from Silencerco.
A guy in my shop is a huge fan of AAC, I think they make 2 or 3 of the cans he owns including one on his bolt gun. I can ask him when he returns from downrange (probably a few days) if you're interested.

Video above is with my SWR HEMS II with wire pulling gel as an ablative for signature reduction. The owner/inventor of the SWR HEMS II was originally a Knights Arm engineer.

I've had the best luck with SWR's HEMS II .45 ACP suppressor on various .45 cal pistols.

Sound reduction (signature ) with water as an ablatve is damn quite, even more reduced with wire pulling gel.

Knights OHG is a great suppressor, but be ready to pony up about $1400. AAC comes in a close second to my SWR HEMS II.