A bit of inspiration

I fucking love everything about this video. This gets me so pumped- especially that version of "One"- which is the greatest song ever IMO.
Not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but I think us wannabes get a little too caught up in shit like this at times. It's easy to be motivated sitting in front of your computer all nice and cozy with a cup of coffee thinking about awesome your workout is going to be later because you're just so fucking pumped right now. Quite another to be as motivated when you're freezing your ass off, tired as fuck, with everything hurting and no one there to give you a pep talk backed by a sports montage and some cool tunes. Which is how you end up a BUD/S dud like me. ;) If only I could have had my iPod during surf torture that morning.....
>>What was your time for the 100 BB burpees today, CDG?

I'm not following the program as it comes up. I started from the beginning of the site and am working my way through. Also, Tuesday and Wednesday are my rest days.