Al Jazeera- Coming Soon to a Channel Near You


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Sep 9, 2006
Insurgent propaganda mouthpiece or legitimate enterprise: English-language Al-Jazeera coverage- good idea or bad?

Al-Jazeera, the Arabic news network that has infuriated U.S. officials by airing the video pronouncements of Osama bin Laden, is set to debut a new English-language channel it hopes will attract Americans and other English speakers who want news and analysis from an international perspective.

When it launches today, Al-Jazeera International will retain the Arabic logo of its parent channel and have its headquarters in the same Arab country of Qatar, but it will be staffed by many non-Arab journalists, including former ABC News "Nightline" correspondent Dave Marash, who will anchor its Washington bureau. Around the world, the new channel will be available in 80 million households with cable or satellite access. In deals announced Tuesday, the channel will be transmitted in the United States via satellite and the Internet. /snip
Another perspective lol. Go to and youll see about as extreme as it gets. Bad idea.
Oh heres a good one lol Right where she belongs lol...

Hanging saddam, back to western brutality. We prefer to stone our own lol

Lets not forget those evil Israelis :rolleyes:

Heres the US makeing the cancer rater in Iraq surge because ofour DU
I already have Al Jizz-era on my cable system: It's called CNN.
I like this person's comment on the Cindy Sheehan letter..Surprised Al Jizz lets it up there for view.

"Cindy Sheehan is a party of one. Other parents who have lose their children in Iraq have taken the high road and honored their service in the defense of freedom. Cindy is being used by move on and other affiliate groups. She is considered a laughable joke in America. Her husband and family have left her. She needs psychiatric help."
I read today In the Paper that they Poached the CNN middle east Correspondent aswell...
Yeah, I'll be watching.

I'd say bad idea overall...but seriously, may watch just once to see for myself as I refuse to go to their website.
I'd not watch it because the enemy's propaganda turns my stomach. But that's why I don't watch CBS or ABC or NBC or MSNBC or any number of other disgusting networks that I despise. News should be news; NOT political commentary.

Dan Rather, I'm looking in YOUR direction; how 'bout them FAKE documents? :rolleyes:
I don't agree with them being aired in this country, but at the same time I don't condone restricting freedom of speech, I fight hard to preserve freedoms such as that. Its a fine line that I walk, but I choose to walk it.
NO ONE is restricting press in America. THAT is in fact, is why our country is the best that's ever been. That I think that CNN and/or the MSM is anti-American is my own opinion.
NO ONE is restricting press in America. THAT is in fact, is why our country is the best that's ever been. That I think that CNN and/or the MSM is anti-American is my own opinion.
Absolutely, I wasn't saying otherwise, if that's how it came across.

My post was a response to what I thought others were saying, along the lines of not allowing them to broadcast here. Maybe I just read some posts wrong (not yours though).
Al Jazeera was always the most loathed in my unit, CNN is right behind them. CNN hurt more, just because it is US owned/operated. We could "write off" Al Jazeera because it was foreign owned/operated. But when it came to compromising our security in a direct fashion, Al Jazeer was usually the culprit.
I had to watch a documentary about Al-Jazeera coverage of the initial invasion of Iraq today in my History of Modern Iraq class. I was pretty pissed about how they spun their stories and how they sympathized with Iraqi forces at first but I got a kick out of it later. One of their reporters was killed while filming a story on top of a building in downtown Baghdad by an A-10. They of course, claimed that they were intentionally targeted by coalition forces because of their skewed perspective of things. Later it was revealed that all media personnell from all networks were warned to leave downtown Baghdad before ground forces entered the city. Of course the Al-Jazeera news crew decided to stay hoping to catch US soldiers on film killing innocent Iraqis like they had claimed. Instead they caught a salvo of 2.75" rockets. Lets think about this, they were sitting on a rooftop with a tripod mounted camera wearing body armor and helmets in the middle of a fierce urban battle... If thats not easy to mistake for an enemy AAA position I don't know what is. Later on they showed the reaction of some of the Al-Jazeera staff to the immages of Saddam's statue being torn down by the Marines and paraded around by Iraqi civilians. Their reactions were along the lines of "Where is the Republican Guard? Why aren't they stopping this?" I looked over at a buddy of mine in the class who also served in A-Stan with me and we both laughed thinking "dude, they're either dead, hiding or running like hell!"