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I refereed my first judo tournament today. I worked with another referee, he was about 70 years old, has been doing Judo for 50 years. He is credentialed to referee all the way up to the Olympic level. I learned a ton. I think I will make a much better referee than a competitor lol.

I did get a laugh though. The tournament was in a town that's about 25 mi north of Ft Bragg. The guy at the scorers table had longish hair and beard, full tats, and was well chiseled. He made a couple comments and I'd asked him if he had been in the military. He looked at me and thought for a minute, and said "still am." We had a nice conversation.
I love that. There is a dude at my gym who is blind. Like, his friend has to walk him into the gym and give him verbal directions on what we are doing for warmup and drills. He choked my ass out the other day. Being a white belt is nothing if not an ego check, but that guy makes me want to show up just to keep up.