Alpha Platoon Seal Team one 1967

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I am looking for the following people.....

If you have any info please let me know. My brother was( passed away 6-29-2007) Ronald Byrum.
Alpha Platoon, SEAL Team One (Aug 1967- Feb 1968) -- LT. Joe DeFloria; LTJG Tommy Nelson
MM1 Phillip "moki" Martin
AK2 Ron "Ozzie" Ostrander
SK2 Walter "Apo" Gouveia
PO3 Richard "Indian Willie" Williams
PHC James "Mike" Cignarella
PI1 "Ace" Bowen
QM2 Talmadge "Bo" Bohannon
IC3 Emile "Frenchy" Guidry
RM3 Ronald "Sparks" Byrum
HM1 Lin "Doc" Mahner (KIA 25 May 1969)

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