Another GROM vid/tribute


Max Power



I've always thought, from everything I've read about the area, that the former Warsaw Pact countries would do well as strong allies in Europe. They aren't big on Western European ideas and attitudes, but they want to do well for themselves, and when the opportunity presents itself, many of those countries have backed the US as much as they could.

Poland is definitely at the fore front of those countries.
Worked with GROM in Iraq, nothing but respect for them. Had a GROM warrant officer in our Pathfinder course, I think he had the highest academic average in the class. I think he explained to me that the acronym GROM is also the Polish word for "Lightning."


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GROM means "Thunder" in Polish, I know I'm from Poland :)

And here is another GROM vid:



Made it as a celebration of its 16th anniversary.