any horus type reticle or similar 500 or less?

bear creek outpost

Dec 26, 2008
thread title about says it looking for something similar to horus reticle that does not cost a fortune . will be hunting north dakota first time this year . closest shots will probably start at 400 yards on pronghorn or dear and would like something a little faster than a standard mildot. any thoughts or experience with similar reticle scopes appreciated
Something like what this guy has?

Horus is the maker of the cheapest Horuses, and they are all above $400 for sure. Check Ebay.

What caliber are you using?
thanks etype will be shooting 308 am also looking at p4 reticle also just watched demo on using it very simple to use and quick calculations.
no convertion to or from mils keeps windage calculations in moas no changing over to mils . cheapest i have found is by ncstar at 4-16 x40
at around 120 bucks .but would like to find something around 5-20 or 8-32x40 for about the same price any info you can give me?
You usually get what you pay for with optics. Granted, there's not that much difference between a $2,000 scope and a $1,000 scope- but the difference between a $100 scope and a $600 scope is usually huge.
NcStar does offer a warranty though, so they at least believe they have a good product.

That's an awesome battle rifle, it's a classic. Usually about 3 moa accuracy depending on what condition it's in. I wouldn't want to shoot too much beyond 300-400m with it though, especially at a pronghorn. 400m with a 3 moa gun puts you at a 12" group, and that's before you factor in wind and ranging error.
I pretty much agree with Etype.

In my opinion you would be better off with a Remington sporter 700 in 308 (or 7mag, 300WM) and top it off with a Nikon with a BDC. I would say no more than $400 for the gun in any store, and another $300 to $400 for the optic. That combo with some good ammo will will give you 1 moa or less out to 600 all day long....well as long as you do your part. 4294965635

This would be a cheap combo that would get you there....Nikon has some optics with 12 to 16 power, but you will have to look around. is a good start.
looks like most of you are right the more i read on the fal its not worth much past 300 yards thats one of the reasons i posted here . to get input from the guys that accually shoot . still havent made up my mind but am going to make sure its what i want before i buy it . appreciate the input.