Any one used this?


Verified SOF
May 6, 2008
Pac NW
Anybody out there used the Eberlestock Operator pack? It LOOKS like it would be a good compromise between big ass mountain ruck and something you could climb some stairs with (load depending I suppose). Looking for feedback from anyone that's used it, hunting bad guys or hunting game.

Are the two outer pockets stiff enough to lay your rifle between or does that require a little puss-pad reinforcement? Operator.htm
I didn't get to use it, however a much more experianced Sniper in the team did. He stated that it was a good system. The most important problem is that it fell apart during the work up. The pack didn't even make it to deployment. All other issues were "shooter pref" if you will. That is what I remember off hand, but it was a year ago......... Hope this helps.
These packs are top notch. They are built tough and very versatile. For operational use you will want something like the operator at a minimum.