Apollo 11 Splashdown recovery


Jul 2, 2009
I have saw pictures of, well lets just say people recovering the astronauts after the splashdown, and some have said it was "Navy Pararescue (?)", some said Navy SEALs, and finally IMO the most reasonable answer Air Force Pararescue (because they support NASA operations, as seen in one of the pictures). Does anyone have any concrete info, it would be much appreciated.

Heres the splashdown picture I was talking about
"http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_DofLEXUVwIE/SmQLoGVahmI/AAAAAAAAFy0/SWXypdDwmBg/s1600-h/Apollo+11+splashdown.jpg" (couldn't get it to upload)

The uploaded picture is of ANG PJs supporting a shuttle launch. (courtesy of the Air Guard)


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Pararescue is the only DOD asset that is specifically tasked with shuttle launch and recovery operations, and has been the only asset to take on that task since the 60/70's time frame.

The Navy has no version of Pararescue; they have ship borne rescue swimmers, but not the same. Coast Guard has their rescue swimmers, but again, are not tasked in the recovery mission. And the SEALs would not prosecute that mission.

If i was a betting man, which i am, i would place money on PJ's. As a matter of fact, it's actually written into our mission statement, job qualifications, and upgrade/recurrent training.
I know that the navy had rescue swimmers but no pararescue, and that while the SEALs are capable of CSAR, they are not trained in NASA support operations.

http://gazingattheflag.blogspot.com/2009/07/apollo-11-forty-years-later.html On this blog the guy say (I know very reliable . . .) claims that those pictures are straight from NASAs website, and that NASA's caption claims those folks recovering the astronauts are SEALs. I guess it makes sense to say that, more exciting if SEALs are involved and simpler to explain rather than the Air Force was helping lol. Thanks for the confirmation.
Apollo 11 was recovered by U.S. Navy SEALs. One of the SEALs names is Greg McPartlin, he wrote an autobiography titled "Combat Corpsman" about his experiences as a SEAL corpsman in Vietnam. Hope that clears up any questions about who recovered apollo 11. (and btw, that is a very good book if anyone is interested)