AR10 experience?


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Oct 16, 2007
What is the word gents? 1st hand experience please, I've a fair amount of 2nd hand reports, for what they are worth.

I've only shot one AR10, Armalite(target model), a few weeks ago. There was one bad mag that had issues, other than that it ran fine for several hundred rounds.

It seemed accurate enough, I did not try any 5 or 10 shot groups, just established a quick zero at one hundred and started banging steel.

Use is; 100-800yards, demo rifle for optics, needs to hold MOA for 5 rd groups, will go several hundred rounds between cleanings..

Armalite, DPMS, GAP, Accuracy Systems, other?

Fired one a couple weeks ago. Armalite, 16 in barrel collapsable stock. Kicked like a mule. Functioned flawlessly. Groops good enough at 100 yards for me. Didnt have the time to go out to 300 yards (farthest at the range). I like it and if my friend ever wants to sell it I would buy it without hesitation.
I liked the SR-25's we had, make sure it's GOOD match grade and you'll be able to dink BHG's out to 800m...