AR15/M4 Lubrication


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Sep 7, 2006
I've been hearing talk of people using motor oil and commercial grease to lube ARs with success.

Also heard great reviews for Slip2000 though that is obviously quite a bit more expensive than motor oil/grease.

What do you use?
I use just a few dabs here and there of good ol' CLP (aka Break-Free). In a pinch (or if there's a lot of boom-boom going on), I'll put some LSA on the bolt carrier (the part NOT exposed by the ejection port). My two biggest concerns are A) heat breaking down the lube, and B) too much crap/residue/etc. collecting in the lube.
Same as above: Break Free, unless I'm in an arid environment then I use a dry lube, which I cannot remember the name of right now (that and the label is worn off the tube).
I swear by Machine Gunners Lube, and if I didn't have that around me, I would just use CLP.
I have recently started using Lucas Oil's gun lube w/ my DPMS ARs, works great, same if not better that Breakfree's CLP. Haven't tried that Slip2000 yet.
Was not impressed with Hoppe's Tactical gun oil.
I've used just about everything. Breakfree, Slip 2000, TW-25 grease and CLP, Militec, Gunners Lube, even Rem Oil in a pinch.

I like the TW-25 grease on pistols, mainly the 1911 rails, but it does a great job on the Bolt Carrier and inside of the upper reciever. It's no more messy than spraying a bunch of Breakfree all over the place.

Just be ready to see it dripping out between the upper and lower reciever. It's not a problem, you'll just get hit in the face with it. :D

Wear your eye pro.
In order of preference- machine gunners lube, good ole CLP, REM oil. I havent seen the benefit of "arid climate dry lube", but it doesnt mean it isnt there. I just havent seen it. Keep that lady wet regardless of the juice, and she'll work for you.

I would be interested to see how margerine works- never even heard of that before. Thats some dire straits sorta stuff right there.
LSA is that white shit right?

Yep - aka whale jizz, machine gun lube, etc. I used to keep it VERY handy in my kit when I humped an M240G. Open the feed tray, squirt liberally, let 'er rip. With the M4/M16, I am VERY careful about how much I use. Generally it just needs to go on bearing surfaces (parts of the bolt carrier, top of the charging handle, finger-lube the bolt itself). I have to say, cleanup is one reason I am a big fan of piston guns instead of the M4/M16. You don't get the build-up of gunk in the lube after lots of shooting.
I've only used Motor oil in the heavy weapons (.50, Mk19, MK47) I don't recall the weight. From what I heard you do not what to use that stuff on an AR platform because its too heavy. As for the M4 I had success with Militec, Break Free, and Hoppes. Militec gives out free oil to those overseas FYI
Here's what I use, and what I recommend to all our rifle-qualified officers.
Mix in a gallon container:
1 pint STP oil treatment
1 quart ATF fluid
2 quarts Mobil 1 synthetic 10w30
8 oz Hoppes #9

Lube the bearing surfaces only, and you'll not need very much. This keeps the gun running, makes it easier to clean, and actually smoothes it out a bit. I can't take credit for inventing it, but I will say I use it on my M4s, 1911s, and HKs without a problem or hiccup. Beats anything else I've tried.
High heat grease on the bolt, cam pin and BCG rails. Or I will just use CLP, I use the high heat grease when I am doing a lot of shooting between cleaning. Motor oil and trans fluid is nasty shit and makes it a bitch to clean up, I have used it on crew served weapons when we did not have LSA or whatever the white stuff is, but I would not use it if I had something else... Unless your blasting a shit load of ammo 400-500 rounds, I would just use CLP (break free).