AWG 351M search


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Jan 21, 2009
HOR is in VT
hello everyone,

Wanted to see if there might be a 351M (Or even a 35M) that is currently working for AWG on here.

Just looking for some offline answers to questions (straight shooting) that I know I will get bedazzled and danced around if I talk to the AWG Recruiters..

Waited for responses...

I see no comments have posted yet. I think you could bring this up on AKO under the Intelligence thread. Many Warrant HUMINTERs are there poking around and Im sure one or two can answer that. What I hear from NCO HUMINTER types is that it is not a bad place to be stationed if nothing else. The only MI types that are on the Field Teams are 35M. The rear NCOs I heard of complained about their duties and mission a little bit. The Soldiers who arent on the Field Teams dont deploy as much and when they do it is for very short times, some like that and some dont. Lot of complaining about the PT reqs, The 35Ms were pretty much saying that as far as the Field Team stuff if they want to do "all that" they could volunteer for an SF unit or at least ABN.
I think there was/is some disenchantment with AWG because there seems to be some perception Army wide that the AWG is some kind of Special Operations unit and it isnt but the AWG does NOT present itself as such anyway so thats their problem. AWG is recruiting pretty heavily and I guess the reasons why are due to some of the kind of gripes I have heard about. There is (was at least) an opportunity for the MI types not on the Field team to go through their course (which appears to be fairly challenging) but there were gripes about other opportunities for training and I dont know if that has changed. I have heard a great deal of RUMINT and gripes about AWG but of course that is what it is.