Bali Bombers Face Execution


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Jan 15, 2008
AUTHORITIES have been scouting for execution sites for the Bali bombers' date with the firing squad, which is now imminent.

A team of prosecutors went to Nusa Kambangan Island off Central Java last week – the island where the jailed bombers are being held – to look for a suitable site for three firing squads to do their job.
And security at the jail has been stepped up as their last day of life edges closer.

The trio are still housed in their super maximum security cells and there are now 80 jail guards and 10 paramilitary police squad officers at the jail for extra security.

Bali's chief prosecutor has reiterated that the Indonesian Attorney-General wants the trio executed before the beginning of the Holy Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, which begins about September 1.

Dewa Putu Alit Adnyna, who has prepared a team of prosecutors and made financial arrangements, said no date was set but all attempts would be made to ensure the executions were before Ramadan.

The executions became imminent after the Supreme Court recently announced that the trio – smiling assassin Amrozi, his older brother Mukhlas and Imam Samudra – had exhausted all their chances of appeal.
Being eaten by 'unclean' pigs has a lot of meaning for Muslims too! :cool:
My heart bleeds for them. It'll be interesting to see if there's any civil unrest over this.
How so? There is a large Islamic country to our north, plus a smaller one as well, Malaysia. I guess we're lucky that the larger, Indonesia, doesn't really want anything approaching a Caliphate. You may be aware of the disfunctional state of some of our Pacific neighbours, and the minor threat posed from extremists gaining a foothold there. (Yes, a long shot but the boffins have identified a risk). My point is that Australia has little chance of becoming an Islamic country. 'Remember Cronulla' was just shorthand.