Band of Brothers

I bought the box set as soon as I could, it was very well put together. Having them available there is great, hopefully the series will reach many that probably would not have thought to watch it in the first place.
I re-read the book recently. I had the opportunity to walk the ground in both Belgium and France where Easy Company liberated those two countries from tyranny. It is amazing the matching of book, movie and actually visiting the ground.

Awesome. Simply awesome.
We had a member here that drifted away who's grandad is Malarkey.

Awesome series, one of the best war histories/stories on film ever IMO.
Amazing series and an amazing book. Recently read "Beyond the Band of Brothers". Excellent read.
I think I've said it here before.....

The night before I left for a year in Iraq, I couldn't sleep, so I watched the entire series........