Barrett 98 Bravo .338 Lapua


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Jul 1, 2007
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Did a quick search found nothing here yet, so here goes:

Has anyone seen this new rifle from Barrett?

About the 98B
From the highly efficient muzzle brake to the user-adjustable butt plate, the Barrett Model 98B is visibly revolutionizing the world of long-range precision rifles. Barrett engineers threw out the book when they sat down to develop a purpose-built platform for precision long range shooting. Even the casual observer can see that the M98B has not descended from a bolt action deer rifle.

Drawing on Barrett’s experience designing long range rifles, the Model 98B’s modular layout allows the end user to adapt the rifle to fit their exact needs. The straight-line design running from the muzzle to the shooter’s shoulder tames felt recoil, making the Model 98B a pleasure to shoot. It also allows for faster, more accurate follow-up shots fed from the polymer 10-round detachable magazine.

The ergonomic pistol grip positions the shooter’s hand in a natural position, reducing muscle fatigue and promoting the utmost control over the fully adjustable trigger. The familiar thumb-operated safety is accessible without compromising the firing grip, allowing the shooter to maintain a solid cheek-weld on the adjustable cheek piece while manipulating the oversized bolt handle, feeding a fresh round into the chamber as the bolt silently glides through a polymer guide.


Optics and accessories are easily mounted to the aluminum upper receiver, which boasts an 18 inch 1913 rail as standard equipment. All that ‘real estate’ allows for substantial optics to be mounted in conjunction with a night sight or laser designator. For the rare application requiring additional mounting space, the optional receiver extension is available to extend the rail an additional 6 inches. The forward receiver is drilled and tapped for additional accessory rails to be mounted at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.

The fluted, match-grade barrel is easily accessed for cleaning from the chamber by breaking the rifle open much the same way as an M4 Carbine. Barrel cooling is aided by a series of vents machined into the upper receiver.

Equipped with a rear monopod and forward bipod, shooters find the Model 98B a pleasure to shoot. Mild felt recoil, a design conforming to the shooter, and easily manipulated controls help eliminate fatigue and promote accurate shots. Shooters who are intrigued by innovative design coupled with long range performance will appreciate the Model 98B. For extreme hunting, long-range target shooting, military or police applications, the Model 98B is ready for service right out of the box – which happens to be where Barrett engineers developed the design.
I would love to own a Barrett. The only one I ever had a chance to fire was the Barrett M82 SASR. The 98B sounds like an awesome rifle but I do agree with it being a bit to pricey for what it is.
Dead sexy...



I would have to agree.

But you are paying for the 'B' word.... :D

Absolutely. BUT if I'm paying that much for the 'B' word I want something that ends with a .50 :D :D The name Barrett on that rifle wouldn't be enough to persuade me considering you can get a .338 AR-30 for less than half the price of the Barrett..

But aside from the price It's a beautiful rifle, with great lookin specs if that's EXACTLY what your looking for.

It'd be nifty to see a semi-auto version..:2c:
The 338 Lapua seems to be the most promising precise long range anti-personnel scoped rifle around these days...a cartridge with incredible range and penetration (omitted here).

The M82 .50 is not as precise, but let's face it, at this weight it's junior arty.

Gotta have some serious play money for both.
That is one of the sexiest rifles I have ever laid eyes upon!!! I think I am in love!!! I just love long guns!

I like spray and pray weapons too but these long range precision weapons just make me all giddy!

The 338 balistics are so impressive. Monster reach out and touch someone, tack driving accuracy!!! The 50 is just damn mean!
The Original .338 Laupa....

Accuracy International AWSM (Arctic Warfare Super Magnum) 338 Lapua

The AW Super Magnum is world famous for its accuracy and it's proven durability in combat. Adopted by the British SAS as their primary sniper rifle and many US agencies following suite, this rifle is designed to take anything thrown in its way. The .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge is known for shooting accurately at distances of 1500 yards and beyond.
The Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Rifle System is perhaps the world's strongest and most reliable weapon. The machined action is bonded to a full length alloy chassis system for brutal strength in even the harshest environments. Featuring a 2 stage trigger, 3 position safety and proof tested barrel, the AW offers dependable accuracy that professionals can rely on. The AW series features available options such as a folding stock, adjustable cheek piece and a buttspike for long observation periods. 5 round magazines for .300 & .338 models.

See the Accuracy International Rifle Brochure (PDF Format 2MB) for more information.

Shown with optional buttspike and scope/mount- not included with base rifle. Muzzle brake included.

Price: $5,844.99
Manufacturer: Accuracy International
Manufacturer Item #: AWSM 338
Impact Item #: AI-AWSM338


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SWEET - She is a BEAUTY!! Thanks Pardus! I think I need a nap now or a cigarrette! Maybe both!!!

At least she wouldn't ask you to just "Hold me!"afterwards! Ha ha!
"Maybe not.... But Pardus would" That is just wrong!!!

ICK...To much information!
So much fun to look at. I wish I could just touch it. If it wasn't so damned expensive, I would think about getting one.
I'll make you a deal! When you get home and if my annual bonus is going to be what I hope, then I will get one and then I will meet you at a range so we can break it in!!!

It is a lot of money!

Just get home safe!!!
Hell yeah, sounds good to me. Never pass up a chance to shoot a long range rifle. Especially a beautiful piece like that.