'Bout Time for me to Enlist


Oct 6, 2008
Howdy, I've been wantin to Enlist for quite some time but, while reading this form, sparked a question that I think is rather important before signin my name. Im hopin to enlist sometime this month in the Air Force and later on down the road go PJ. Would it be smarter to work hard between now and when I actually go in (which would be later July) and go PJ, or to work really hard and blow through Boot Camp... If I do go into the Air Force and post pone the PJ entrance, would the Medical Training (because I would be goin in to be a medic) Id get as a soldier transfer over into the PJ trainin or would I have to go through that course again.

The best thing for you to do that I would suggest is if you want to go be a PJ then lock in that route via contract and give it your all the entire time. Be prepared to bust your ass and work hard throughout your career because those guys are dedicated... At least in the Army I've seen many guys have problems trying to transfer around... Just do what you feel is right.
You can enlist with the option of going to the PJ pipeline (if you pass the PAST to even qualify for it). Once in the AF you can usually elect to cross-train into Pararescue, but if you don't make it then you'll go back to your old AFSC. I'm not sure how difficult it is to be released to go to the PJ pipeline or if you have to wait and reenlist for it.

And please stop droppin(g) the "g" from your words.
alrite (sorry FF, couldnt resist)

Nukehappy- here is the deal. Getting in gaurenteed PJ (as in, that is the job you will do) is not hard. We are a critically manned career field, and recruiters get an extra incentive to get you in- read: you'll get what you ask for.

As far as "will i need to go through the medical training....." The answer is "yes and maynbe not." If your career field qualifies you as a nationally registered EMT-Paramedic, with PALS, ACLS, PHTLS, PEPP, etc., then you will not have to go through the paramedic program in the pipeline. I can tell you from personal experience that there are almost NO enlisted career fields that offer this, save MAYBE aeromedical evac tech. Medical Technician does NOT grant EMT-Paramedic, only EMT-Basic. Anyone that has better knowledge on that one, feel free to weigh in- but i know a few friends that are med techs and are not emt-p's.

As far as the cross training question- Thats what I did, not by choice by injury, and I feel it's made me a better PJ. I'm older, more mature, more of a problem solver. However, there are PLENTY of great guys that came off the streets and did very well as an 18/19/20 year old- and just as many that didnt. Depends on the person.

The only thing I will say is this- the longer you wait, the more you "get ready", the less likely youll be to actually do it. It is VERY easy to get comfortable in your desk job in a med group somewhere, make some rank, and decide that you dont want to be put through two years of getting your shit kicked in. Trust me man- I have seen a whole lot of shit talking med techs, cops, services, psych techs, flight mechanics, and CE troops say the same thing you have and simply not do it. No offense to any of the career fields listed, but the statement is true- again, sorry.

On a protocol note, you will not recieve ANY training as a soldier. You will be an Airman.

Hope i helped- if not, ill try again, while doing pushups.
Dirty Harry, thank you very much for the transferring viewpoint.
Free Fallin' :D, I will be sure to have correct grammar on this board from now on. I don't intend on failing Pipeline, but I'm neither ignorant nor arrogant enough to put that thought out of my head. If, Lord forbid, I do fail Pipeline where would I lay concerning the Air Force being that I would only have had the Basic Training?

AmLove, thank you very much for posting on this topic. I am very glad a PJ actually commented on this topic, no disrespect or that I value anyone else's comments any less, but from someone who has actually been through the process I am very thankful for the information you have given. I am actually 17, but I'm not the "kill them all! I wana be Spec Ops to pic up the chicks! Im going to breeze through the course because CoD4 isn't hard!" I am actually going to talk to a recruiter tomorrow with my dad, because I actually turn 18 in late July, so the option of going through any training as a civilian is out of the question. Thank you for the cautioning of getting to comfortable, and as well with the protocol note.

On a "working out" view on this can you give me any "advice"? The one thing I have a problem with is running, I hate it in all honesty but am striving for 3miles in 18mins (and with half a year to get ready its quite possible), but when it comes to everything else I can already achieve the "minimum" scores on the PAST. Just for a sort of "comfort cushion" do you remember where you "were" physically before you went to Indoc? Im not going to get to that point and go "alright, I can be a PJ now for sure" and actually intend to try and "one up" what you have done.
The first thing you can do is learn how to use the English language - like FF hinted at - You'll be taken much more seriously if it appears that you "know how to spell," ..... nevermind syntax......

Bottom line - Don't come here, expecting to type away however you want to, and then be taken seriously. There are many, many senior, experienced folks here who can give you more knowledge than you can imagine. But, don't come up like some kid trollin' on the 'net.

Welcome aboard!
I'm very sorry for anything I have said to offend anyone, or to make myself look like a internet kid who thinks just because hes played the video games or has all the airsoft gear that he can hang with the top dogs. I know any one of y'all could whoop my ass, and you guys are honestly heroes in my book because you guys don't seek the glory but can dish out more then the people who actually get the medals. I'm a PJ hopeful, more then welcome to any advice y'all have.

amlove21 is right and to expand upon that...

While in the pipeline, there were a lot of kids (at all ages) who were too immature and unprofessional. They were kicked out for various reasons; most of them alcohol related, and quite a few for self discipline (studying).

What I'd recommend? Go to college. Get some more education and maybe your AA or bachelors degree.
Why? It pays to be educated and, for the most part, get that "College party" mentality out of your head

Most of all. If you do decide do hard-charge it straight into Pararescue, be RESPONSIBLE enough to make it through.

Good luck and take care.