BRC 2009


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Jun 29, 2007
They should be finishing up the road march about now. Anyone got any information on how it is going? How many teams did Regt send?
Two former winners are competing again - MSG Zajkowski (2007) and MSG Jenkins (2002)
Down from 49 to 26 teams after last nights ruck suck.

Currently in first place at the start of the day stakes is Team 21, 4th RTB.
From what I have been noticing usually the team that takes the road march is at the top, points must be higher I am guessing in that event?

FINAL team standings
24 teams completed the 2009 David E. Grange Best Ranger Competition.
Final team standings are -
1st - Team 21 - 2483 points - Sgt 1st Class Blake A. Simms and Sgt 1st Class Chad E.W. Stackpole, 4th Ranger Training Battalion, Ranger Training Brigade, Fort Benning, GA

2nd - Team 22- 2396 points - Master Sgt Walter J. Zajkowski and Master Sgt Daniel E. Jenkins, US Army Special Operations Command, Fort Bragg, NC

3rd - Team 7 - 2165 points - Sgt Michael A. Malchow and Sgt Jesse A. Collins, 75th Ranger Regiment

4th - Team 8 - 2151 points - Staff Sgt Brandon K. Farmer and Staff Sgt Luke R. McDowell, 75th Ranger Regiment

5th - Team 31 - 2138 points - Staff Sgt Michael C. Mutchie and Staff Sgt Miguel A. Antia, 4th Ranger Training Battalion, Ranger Training Brigade, Fort Benning, GA

6th - Team 46 - 2094 points - Capt Samuel E. Linn and 1st Sgt Robert F. Carter, 5th Bde, 2nd ID

7th - Team 23 - 2050 points - Sgt Maj Jesse D. Boettcher and Master Sgt Eric J. Turk, US Army Special Operations Command, Fort Bragg, NC

8th - Team 29 - 1976 points - Sgt Jeremy K. Billing and Cpl Troy V. Jenkins, 75th Ranger Regiment

9th - Team 43 - 1970 points - 1st Lt Thomas M. Halverson and 1st Lt Michael J. Luth, 4th Bde, 4th ID

10th - Team 27 - 1920 points - Staff Sgt Benjamin C. Hunter and Staff Sgt Ian B. Hunter, 75th Ranger Regiment

11th - Team 16 - 1904 points - Staff Sgt Raylan J. Heck and Staff Sgt Adam J. Angisanio, 6th Ranger Training Battalion, Ranger Training Brigade, Camp Rudder, FL

12th - Team 33 - 1864 points - 1st Lt Chris S. Migliaro and Sgt 1st Class Jordan A. Martell, 4th Bde, 4th ID

13th - Team 24 - 1863 points - Maj Jose D. Salinas and Maj Edward A. Sedlock, 199th Infantry Regiment, Fort Benning, GA

14th - Team 17 - 1852 points - Sgt Edward F. Killmeier and Spc Michael E. Pierce, 75th Ranger REgiment

15th - Team 20 - 1779 points - Maj Pete S. Kranenburg and Sgt 1st Class John S. Przytulski, 1st SWTG

16th - Team 26 - 1735 points - Capt Ronald L. Garberson and Capt Anthony B. Aguilar, US Army Special Operations Command, Fort Bragg, NC

17th - Team 49 - 1638 points - Sgt 1st Class Mark E. Breyak and Sgt 1st Class Steve W. Fields, SWC NCOA

18th - Team 5 - 1592 points - Sgt 1st Class Derek G. Wise and Sgt David M. Paul, 25th Infanty Division

19th - Team 14 - 1554 points - Capt Stephen P. Magennis and Capt Todd M. Tompkins, Maneuver Captains Career Course, 199th Infantry Regiment

20th - Team 45 - 1534 points - Capt Lloyd B. Wohlschlegel and 1st Lt Raymond A. Kuderka, 2-27 In, 25th Infantry Division

21st - Team 38 - 1516 points - 1st Lt Anthony J. Kivlehan and 1st Lt Alex B. Armstrong, 4th Bde, 4th ID

22nd - Team 35 - 1492 points - Capt David M. Cochrane and Staff Sgt Anthony L. Fuentes, 6th Ranger Training Battalion, Ranger Training Brigade, Camp Rudder, FL

23rd - Team 28 - 1310 points - Capt Robert B. Killian and 1st Lt Grant R. Barge, 10th Mountain Division

24th - Team 34 - 1297 points - 1st Lt Lauren A. Gore and 1st Lt Benjamin R. Juvinall, 4th Bde, 1st ID
The road march is extremely important because it sets the order for the next days events. A team always needs to be one of the first teams to go through events because when you come to events that require everyone to start at the same time, you can relax and get some sleep while everyone catches up with you. Also, the road march, like the night land nav, allows you to put a lot of points over other teams.

Furthermore, a team that road marches well, is probably adequately prepared for the entire comp. If a team has the discipline to work on road marching, they probably have the discipline to work on everything.

WAY TOO many teams show up totally unprepared for the competition. Honestly, 50% of the teams that show up, have no buisness entering the competition at all.

I could spend all day talking about this competition. I love everything about it!!