C Company photos


Mar 29, 2012
Here are the last of the photos I am posting. These are from C company which was a Black Hawk MH-60 company.


These were the new GE Miniguns for the MH-60 that replaced our ancient M-60Ds. Note the Aimpoint scopes that were mounted the top of the weapon system. These almost always fell off even when ziptied to the mount. We ended up using the scopes on our M16A2 rifles.


The weapon had to be loaded in layers to feed properly. Note the spent ammo tube attached to the bottom of the Minigun to help drop all that brass.

Three crewchiefs one in the old fashion rain jacket.

The company gathered for a formation.

A senior NCO, note the 1st Aviation Brigade combat patch. At this time in the 160th most senior NCO and officers (both Warrant and Commissioned) were Vietnam veterans.


Small arms training with the M9 pistol and the MP5 submachinegun, which at the time were the aircrew PDW weapons. The poster is in the last picture firing an suppressed MP5SD he borrowed from HHC arms room. Note the beeper on the officer on the left belt, which were carried by all officers, senior NCOs, and all the unit members who were on the monthly alert status, AKA the "silver bullet".
Here is one more item:

This was a D Company (the other MH-60 Black Hawk company at the time) calling card.
It's a little frayed it is over 20 years old.
Why did the Aimpoints fall off so often? Were the mounts just shitty?

Very cool pictures.
They had screw on mounts and the screws would work out from the heavy vibration of the weapon. The Minigun had two setting 2000rds a min. and 4000 rds a min. (as I recalled). Even the zipties did not help much plus the Aimpoints were hard to pick up, these were the very early models good for rifles/SMG not so much for Miniguns. As I recall you could not pick them up with NVGs so basically the gunners would point shot the weapon and walk it in with the tracer line on to target.