Canada's Defence Minister moved roles for standing up for the troops


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Feb 8, 2007
Land of Swine and Maple Syrup
This is behind a paywall. Essentially our feminist Prime Minister has fired another female Minister in a major job for doing their job. So much for feminism.

Firstly recommending major investment in funding equipment purchases, like submarines. But Trudeau already broke the bank on Ukraine.
Then she stood up for the Chief of Defence Staff, denying a request from Biden for troops and leadership in Haiti.
Looks like they shitcanned a whole bunch of folks.

Talk about a golden parachute though; she's now the president of Canada's Treasury Board. If that position has any teeth, she might be able to make things hard for a lot of people if she wanted to.

The problem is that the Prime Minister’s Office (unelected bureaucrats, hand picked by Trudeau and typically his friend's) micromanage everything. She has no power, it's all a show. Which is why she was moved because she stood up to the clowns. So now she has to find ways to cut spending because they spent to much. But it'll he special interests that get funding and not essentials like defence.