Canadian Army Patrol Pathfinder Course


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Feb 8, 2007
Land of Swine and Maple Syrup
This slide show has some good pics I haven't seen before.

This is a Canadian Army course, not just SOF.

The aim of the PPF (Patrol Pathfinder) course is to enable Pathfinder personnel to execute insertion/extraction techniques by air, land, and sea in the context of adaptive dispersed operations in hostile environments; to enable personnel to perform the tactical marking and securing of a Drop Zone (DZ), Landing Zone (LZ), and Beach Heads, as well as Airstrips used for Tactical Airlift Operation for followon forces; and to enable qualified Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and officers to plan, coordinate, conduct, and advise commanders on PPF Operations.

I hope this is an ok thread to ask this question, have you ever seen US service members attend CDF courses? I have always wanted to try and get into even basic recce just to bring fresh ideas into the American recon (recon as a general term not the USMC specific unit) community.
P.S. The Canadian Pathfinder course looks like a sweet school, much more in-depth then our RSLC.
This is considered an an Advanced Warfare course, open to any Combat Arms Trade or direct support trade (Med Tech or Signal Operator) with the prerequisites and supported by their CoC. We don't have a Pathfinder unit. Here's the link to the school, it explains it better.

And yes the Canadian Airborne Regiment was disbanded after an incident in Somalia but we've retaine a Para Coy in each Infantry Regt and Arty Regt. Plus there are Airborne qual'd guys/girls in all sorts of trades/units.
If you have questions about Pathfinders fire away. I'm not qualified but 6 of my close friends are qualified and currently serve in a Pathfinder role. If I don't know the answer I'm more then willing to get the answer. Also, I know three of the guys in that video, pretty funny seeing them on this. One of them is also Ranger tabbed.