Canadian Commandos honoured in secret Ottawa ceremony


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Jan 15, 2009
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Canadian Commandos honoured in secret Ottawa ceremony
The Canadian Press
11 March 2011

OTTAWA — Canada's governor general honoured a handful of new heroes on Friday.
Unfortunately, we can't tell you how many, what their names might be -- or what they did.
Governor General David Johnson handed out three Stars of Military Valour and two Medals of Military Valour, the second and third highest decorations for bravery to members of the ultra-secret special forces.
In addition, one Meritorious Service Cross, three Meritorious Service Medals and one Mention in Dispatches were also presented at a closed-door ceremony at Rideau Hall.
A release from the vice regal's office said for security and operational reasons, the recipients' names and citations were not released.
It's unclear whether the decorations involve operations in Afghanistan, where roughly 200 members of the special forces have been fighting the Taliban in successive rotations since 2001.
Unlike the Americans, who publicize the exploits of their commandos, Canada keeps secret all aspects of special forces operations.

I wonder if they even get to wear the medals..
Congrats to those members! From my understanding Chaske when they wear their DEUs they wear ribbons instead of medals, but I'm not 100% on that so don't quote me on it.
A "secret" ceremony that has a press release? :confused:

Am I missing something? Seems like it's be a lot more "secret" if you just didn't tell anyone about it...
The inverted instruction structure: We're not going to tell you what we're not going to tell you, then we're not going to tell you, then we're not going to tell you what we didn't just tell you.
Congratulations to the recipients! I'll raise a glass of canadien whiskey for them tonight!