Carpet Baggers of WW II

Thanks for the link. Love hearing history of the Air Corps. My grandfather served in the 8th AF as well. Grew up listening to stories of missions he carried out over Berlin. Nothing like this though.
If you guys dig there are several easily found websites about the unit, how they were formed, trained, equipped, etc. to include their missions. Those guys clank when they walk.
Necroposting like a boss.

Operation Carpetbagger

Callahan's Trapeze (from the above) is a badass story.

492nd Bomb Group | American Air Museum in Britain

Plus other stuff via Google.

I have an affinity for the unit, primarily because it is a very important piece of aviation history that no one knows about. The 1st Air Commando Group predates the Carpetbaggers, but had more publicity and was more akin to a modern Air Expeditionary Wing than a SOF unit. The 'Baggers had much more in common with today's AFSOC units.