Review Churchill's Secret Warriors


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Sep 8, 2006
Not Afghanistan
Author: Damien Lewis's+secret+warriors

"The Explosive True Story of the Special Forces Desperadoes of WWII"

Um, sort of.

The book is well written, but with a cover containing a photo of the SAS in North Africa and that generic tagline I thought I was in for a "one over the world" about SAS/ SOE/ SBS in WWII. That didn't exactly happen. The book IS good, but mainly covers Anders Lassen VC, MC w/ 2 bars and the Small Scale Raiding Force morphing to the SAS and then becoming the SBS. With that said, the book does a great job of covering their actions including missions I'd never heard about (Operation Postmaster). It delves into training, the men, their missions, etc. and does a solid job. It just has a very narrow focus.

If you're looking to flesh out your knowledge of Greece and the Aegean Islands (spoilers: they destroyed the Germans) or a book on a remarkable warrior in Anders Lassen, pick it up. If you think you're getting a history of UK Special Forces* in WWII, that's not happening.

* I know how the US uses Special Forces, but whereas we use "SOF" to encompass all, I've noticed the English tend to use Special Forces to describe everything. Remember that one man's SMU is another man's airline...