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Feb 27, 2014
Military Mentor
The company I work for is looking for experienced CNC machinists (starting off around $22 per hour) and machine operators (staring off at $12 per hour), just outside Chicago in Indiana. To be a machine operator you don't need experience, but you must be decent with math and be reliable (far more important than knowing trig, that's something we can teach you). If you are interested, please PM me your resume


Machine Operator


Set up and operates various CNC machining centers and equipment, fits parts for dismantling, repairing, assembling, and adjusting machinery and equipment.


Managers, Group Leader and Machinist.


Machine Operator.


1. Procures tools and equipment from tool room or other storage area.

2. Sets up machine and positioning material in machine or in dismantling equipment, repairing, replacing, assembling and adjusting.

3. Cleans parts with brush or rags and kerosene or other cleaning compound.

4. Cleans chips and turning from machine tables or beds.

5. Chips and files burrs from machined parts.

6. Places and tightens clamps, bolts, stops, etc., and loosens and removes them as directed.

7. Operates auto saw, drill press, CNC mills and lathes.

8. Receives instructions relative to job to be performed.

9. Interprets simple drawings, sketches and blueprints of job.

10. Load work to machine table by hand or by crane.

11. Levels aligns pieces and secures on machine table by means of clamps, bolts, vises and other fixtures.

12. Lays out work.

13. Selects proper tools, such as, drills, reamers, taps, etc,. needed for job and re-sharpens as required.

14. Adjust feeds and speeds of machine according to size of tool and material of work piece.

15. Starts machine and operates various controls to perform required operation.

16. Checks dimensions of work using measuring tools, such as, scales, calipers, rules, plug gauges, caliper gauges, etc.

17. Finishes work to specified dimensions within required tolerances.

18. Unloads finished job by hand or crane.

19. Clean and greases machine as required and reports all needed repairs to Supervisor.

20. Operates over head crane as needed.

21. Responsible for keeping work area clean and organized, placing tools and gauges in proper locations.

22. Operates company vehicles as required.




Sets up and operates all types of machine tools and performs all types of layouts, fitting and assembly work. Writes machining programs for new jobs and print revisions.


Managers. Group Leader and Machinist.


Machinist and Machine Operator.


1. Receives instructions and blue prints regarding work assignments.

2. Interprets drawings and sketches, plans and determines working procedure.

3. Performs layout work, makes sketches.

4. Calculates and determines dimensions, tapers, indices and other data using shop formulate and handbooks.

5. Selects and grinds tools in accordance with the hardness, machine-ability and other properties of parts and materials to be machined.

6. Procures or makes jigs, fixtures, gauges, templates or machine attachments as required.

7. Sets up and operate all types of machine tools to drill, face, cut, bore, mill or shape, etc., iron steel, alloy, non-ferrous and metallic materials and parts to precision tolerance and specified finishes, adjusting stops, feeds and speeds for efficient machining.

8. Checks and measures work with gauges, micrometers, calipers, and other precision measuring instruments.

9. Assembles , fits, aligns, levels and adjust machinery and equipment.

10. Operates crane to transfer and position material or parts to be machined or assembled.

11. Support apprentice and operator training in the performance of their job duties to company standards.

Also our welder is nearing retirement so if anyone has experience fab and repair welding I can at least put your resume on file. I have no idea how much longer he will be working. Last year he said first of the year and now its turned into next year so he can buy himself a new boat and have it paid off before retiring.