Code blue:

Should have given him intranasal narcan or an FAST 1 IO.......................:D

I just learned of this shit tonight. :D
man down

A-systolic, never good.......... ETT, FAST-1 and hypothermic therapy is the only chance to make it back to this side of the spiritual world.....:doh:
Medic-1: He was already hypothermic. The purpose of theraputic hypothermia is to slowly lower somebody's temp. therefore decreasing the metabolism that occurs in the brain, therefore decreasing the nasty chemicals that are released during a code. Rapid hypothermia allows for that bad stuff to happen, barring the mamalian diving reflex. Bottom line, he was not dead until he is warm and dead. You are thinking on the right lines for code situations though, therapy hypothermia does work for non-hypothermic / non-traumatic persons with R.O.S.C.