Col. Paris Davis Awarded MOH for Battle of Bong Song

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President Biden on Friday awarded retired Army Special Forces Col. Paris Davis the Medal of Honor for repeatedly risking his life to save his men during a fierce ambush in Vietnam nearly 60 years ago.

Biden said the honor of bestowing the medal upon Col. Davis "may be the most consequential day" since he's been president. "He's an incredible man."

Davis was among the first Black Special Forces officers, despite efforts to dissuade his service, Biden said at the ceremony.

"But Paris didn't listen to them, and thank God he didn't," he said. "Paris helped write the history of our nation."

The president called Davis earlier this month to notify the former colonel of his award, the nation's highest military award for valor. Davis said in a statement that Biden's call "prompted a wave of memories of the men and women I served with in Vietnam – from the members of 5th Special Forces Group and other U.S. military units to the doctors and nurses who cared for our wounded."

The Medal of Honor is awarded to any military servicemember who "distinguishes himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty," according to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.