Cool video

Only thing that could've made it better was 3 hits on SBGs down range.

Skinny brown guys
I am in AWE. You hear and see in all these movies and shows the '1000 yard shot' so much that you would think it is common place. I can tell you, it is not easy at all. Just to get on an 8ft x 8ft target to begin with can be a bitch. Add the wind and the fact that there are a shit load of tendons, and muscles that you need to control PERFECTLY, and you can truly understand the achievement that sniper just showed. Thank you for posting this video, I have another hero to try to emulate. And rightly so.

Another thing... folks call every swinging dick that shoots anything past 25 feet a sniper, but IMHO the only true snipers are the men that have learned their tradecraft as precision riflemen, with the ability to call their shot under the real world pressure of knowing the only way to save a life today.... is to take a life this instant. Add in the stalking and all the other factors involved in surviving in combat. Those that do this, they are snipers.... As we just saw in the video.
Good on AMU, glad to see they gave him a black hat and what a wonderful day to have! Put a smile on my face to watch this video...

I hope someone does the same for X SF-MED soon…