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Jan 3, 2007
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160th conducts first Regiment Warrant Officer Change of Duty Ceremony
By Kimberly T. Laudano
160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment Public Affairs

FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. (USASOC, Aug. 30, 2007) – Chief Warrant Officer Five Dave Cooper assumed duties as the Regiment Warrant Officer for 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiments (Airborne) during a ceremony on here Aug. 30.

He assumed duties from CW5 Karl Maier, the first Night Stalker selected to hold the newly established position in 2006. This marked the unit’s first RWO change of duty ceremony.

“The Regiment Warrant Officer plays a key role representing (more than 300) warrant officers in the regiment and providing advice and counsel to me and the command group,” said Col. Kevin W. Mangum, Commander, 160th SOAR(A). “He helps us keep the pulse on one of the most important segments of the Night Stalker Community.”

Mangum said that as the first Regiment Warrant Officer, Maier expanded the role well beyond what he originally envisioned. For this contribution, Maier was nominated for and selected to receive the Order of St. Michael Silver Award. According to the Army Aviation Association of America documents that govern the awarding of this recognition, the silver medal is awarded for “an outstanding contribution to Army Aviation.”

“Karl is one of my most trusted advisors,” he said. “He’ll tell me things others wouldn’t dare and provides sage counsel and advice.”

Maier thanked Mangum for pioneering the RWO position for the Army and for the opportunity to serve in the regiment position.

“I hear rumblings from folks throughout the Army about this position and I think we started something that may be catching on,” he said.

After offering praise to the Soldiers and civilians of the regiment for their dedication and hard work supporting the unit mission, Maier addressed the warrant officers he has represented the past year.

“I’m extremely proud of our young – and not so young – warrant officers,” he said. “You are all fine examples of ‘quiet professionals.’”

Mangum said there was a consensus among senior regiment leadership when selecting the right Night Stalker to serve as the second 160th RWO.

“Dave is one of the premier warriors in Army Aviation today, an experienced Night Stalker, a dynamic figure in the Regiment and full of energy to get after leading and managing the warrant officer issues in the Regiment,” he said.

He is looking forward to working for the regiment’s warrant officers serving the 160th and the nation, especially those in the unit’s non-aviation positions and those stationed away from Fort Campbell.

Cooper’s remarks concluded with a challenge to his fellow senior warrant officers: use your years of experience to be a mentor to our new Night Stalkers.

“I urge you to be approachable and be accessible,” he said. “I believe the foundation of this regiment is and has always been the (mission) debrief. The future of the regiment is mentorship.”


Chief Warrant Officer Five Karl Maier (left center), outgoing 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) Regiment Warrant Officer (RWO), and retired Chief Warrant Officer Five Randy Jones (right center), Honorary 160th RWO, unveil the new command RWO plaque during a ceremony at Fort Campbell, Ky., on August 30, 2007.
(Photo by Ruth Farwell, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment)