Does SEAL uses the Army FM`s ? Or do they have their own (Naval Special Warfare)

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Dec 25, 2009
Theres much written about SEALs and how they operate, I even heard that all their training is declassiffied etc. But the question is - I never heard what are their manuals ? "multi-service" ? Or standard FM`s ? Or some own unrelased materials ? Its a little bit weird that for example Special Forces have pretty much of the manuals flying around the internet while noone even know how the SEAL manuals are called ?

Are those famous "manuals" from the i guess eighties -NS nutruition, NS Patrol leaders handbook, NS Physical fitness guide, NS Combat manual a standard maunals or they were just commercialised books about those topics ? If they did when were they changed by newer publications ?

We are NOT under ANY circumstances going to entertain such questions and discuss the manuals used by current or past SOF here.

I dont care what you find on the internet, you wont be getting such info on ShadowSpear.
Doctrine is doctrine. Techniques are like assholes. You are misguided if you believe all SF pubs are "flying" around the internet.
Nuff said.
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Ray, you need to slow the hell down. Just because you actually posted an intro, it does not give you the right to run around posting 50 different questions in 50 different parts of the board.

Have you tried using the search feature?

Also I would like to know why you are asking the questions that you are?

Your profile says you are a student. College or high school?

We don't mind answering questions unless the questions cross certain boundries. You are at the edge of crossing multiple boundries.

Tread lightly.
Dude, I'll just tell you straight out...ask another question like your last 4 threads and YOU will be BANNED..You have been OFFICIALLY WARNED.
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