Dutch special forces in anti-Taliban operation

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Dutch special forces have taken part in an Australia-led action against the Taliban in Uruzgan, the Dutch Defence Ministry has confirmed to Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

The action took place last weekend, but was only made public by Australia's Ministry of Defence on Friday.

The focus of the action was in the Mirabad area, east of the provincial capital Tarin Kowt. An Australian spokesperson said four leaders and an unspecified number of members of the Taliban were arrested during the operation. A substantial quantity of arms and bomb-making material is said to have been captured.

The detainees have been handed over the the Afghan authorities.
The Dutch special forces unit consists of 76 marines and commando units. Australia is contributing some 300 Special Forces. Both units are under the immediate command of ISAF's regional headquarters at Kandahar airfield.

OMG the Dutch ACTUALLY want to fight...damn I think the world is coming to a end LOL .
First things First

The Dutch SF unit has its one aor and al they do is secret, but rest assured the will fight .
The first unit of the royal marines SF will be taking over at the begin of September.

The second issue is must I remained you of what we did before the Australians came in to play.
And they had no roe to work with (Australian policies) .

But I like to fly with the American task force wolfpack.
This is sure to generate a parliamentary inquiry by the Dutch government... They can't have the military running about picking fights with terrorist. :doh: