English B-Op-BBC

The Brit Pathfinders are second to none. This guy sounds like a self aggrandizing prick out to make his fortune.
Agreed. It sounds like he's setting himself up as a novelist after this non fiction book. He might not have signed a specific NDA but he would have been signed into the Official Secrets Act (or it's successor).
Yeah I thought that NDA thing was curious. Did MoD screw up, or did the rupert find a loophole in the Official Secrets Act that allowed him to write this?

I would like to hear from the Pathfinders, their reaction will tell us all we need to know.
"I know I am going to get some snipes from people who think I should have kept quiet. It has been a lonely journey but morally it was the right thing to do. The key reason was to learn lessons from the mistakes,"

The key reason is money you wanker.
Why did it take you 10 years (ish) to write it if you were writing it for lessons learned?

Some insight to who/what he is...

I'd also put the suggestion up that the operation wasn't really "black" (I hate that term) but he's using dramatic language to sell more copy.
Para officer and now model? Stranger things have happened I guess! Must have missed my calling after I left my unit (21 SAS)