Estonian Special Operation Force


Feb 7, 2010
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Estonia has now started creating their own special operation force again. Why again? The answer is simple, country has had a spec. op. unit in the past, but it had nothing to do, because at that time Estonia was making small steps and had just got indipendent. The first unit ESOG( Estonian Special Operation Group) was closed soon after it started.
Yes, Estonia has fully functioning special operating unit in Police, its highly trained and has completed every mission in flying colours. It was founded in the early 90-s when police heavily armed officers were needed to protect the border from Russian OMON attacks. The unit has had training tips from FBI and other foregin officers. The unit is called K-Komando. They haven´t been on media and that keeps this unit mysterious. However, the unit was caught by TV cameras in 2007 when there was a riot caused by russian minority. They work closely together with Kaitsepolitsei (KAPO) operators.
Now Estonian Defence Forces are creating Special Operation unit and its called ESTSOF( Estonian Special Operations Force). There is not a lot of information about the unit, but known fact is that Defence Forces are getting best equipment and best conditions for training. It has been a year since the recruitment and first candidates are chosen. Training continues, but the unit is ready to go out on a mission. Other information about ESTSOF is highly classified.
Here are some pictures of K-komando, Kaitsepolitsei and Defence Force operators: