Fake or Sketchy Veteran Charities / Fundraisers


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Sep 9, 2006
This is one of many reasons why I don't contribute to GoFundMe or other such activities. Remember this one as the feel-good story of the year a while back?

"The jury is in, and sentencing was finally handed down in a classic homeless veteran scam about a good-hearted homeless vet who purportedly spent his last few dollars to help a scared and stranded young woman get home safely."

Sentencing in “Homeless Vet’s Last $20” Scam

I can't find the thread right now, but I think we were discussing a few days ago the reports that NYC was forcing homeless vets out of housing in favor of illegal immigrants.

Now, the situation took an interesting turn:

Attorney general probing false claims about veterans displaced for migrants.

ALBANY — The state attorney general’s office is examining allegations that an Army veteran who runs a nonprofit foundation in the Hudson Valley had falsely claimed that homeless veterans had been displaced by migrants at several hotels last week, spurring a national outcry and potentially leading to significant donations for her organization.
As the claims about the veterans being forced out of hotel rooms have fallen apart this week, there also is conflicting information about Toney-Finch’s public assertions that she was awarded a Purple Heart for a combat injury during a mission in Iraq in March 2010.