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Aug 14, 2006
Recommendations for a flashlight mount for a AR-15 with a DD rail....post links I can't find one I like
Yeah, you would use the surefire G2's in the Larue mount... You can have 1 set up for a 120 bulb for out doors and the other set up for a 60 bulb in doors. You also wont have to worry about changing bat's. If one goes down, just move your thumb to the next light...
In that case just go to wally world and buy a 1 inch scope ring and mount your light in that... I ran a G2 in a cheap scope ring for a year in Iraq with out any problem. I like two lights and thats the only reason I posted the Larue mount, if your running 1 light and want something more then a scope ring I would look at the VTAC light mount as well...
JAB What size rings do I need with the G2?

Daniel Defense and Vltor make great light mounts for the G2 Series. If your going with a G2 series then do yourself a favor and get the LED series not the incandescent. 80 Lumens with a runtime of 12 hours, not one hour or one hour and half with incandescent lamps.


http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Vltor-Off-Set-Scout-Mount-p/vltor sm-ocg.htm

I've got the VTAC mount on my Les Baer rifle. For $19.95 it is rock solid, but it's a thermoplastic type mount. It works well, but I like CNC machined stuff myself.

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