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Jun 5, 2010
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Hello everyone! I'm new to all this...forums and all. I'm currently a patrol sergeant with 13+ years experience in a coastal CT police department of 120 officer and city population of 65,000. I'm a Field Training Officer Supervisor, Pursuit/Emergency Driving Instructor, former member of our plainclothes Crime Suppression Unit, and Court Liaison/Warrant Officer. I served in the US Army, both Active Duty & CT National Guard, for a total of 9 1/2 years (from '89-'98) with the large majority of that on AD. I served with the 102d MI Bn 2nd I'd in the ROK as a 98G Voice Interceptor (Korean) before PCSing to the 2/1 SFG(A) at Ft Lewis, WA, where I was in the MID as a SOT-A team member. I was cross trained as a non-tabbed commo Sgt. and then attached to ODA-144 and ODA-142 in A Co. I also was one of many first responders that assisted at Ground Zero immediately following 9/11/01. I look forward to networking and chatting with like-minded peers on these forums.
~snip~ I respect your service especially as a SOT-A guy, ..........possibly just misworded your post?.

fixed -->good response from the OP --->see next post.
x SF med - did not intend to mislead anyone - I have never been through SFQC and I am not SF tabbed. My primary MOS was 98G3SK3KP - I do have orders awarding me an SQI of 'S', which denotes Special Operations support personnel and that I have served 24 months with a SOF unit or participated successfully in at least 2 unit exercises (whether for unit training or actual mission requirements). When I was at 2/1 SFG(A) in the mid 1990's, the ODA's were critically short of team guys. The Bn CO opted to place SOT-A guys on the teams to fill them until new team guys arrived. He had the 18E guys put us through a "cross-training course" that he described as "almost the equivalent as the 18E school minus Robin Sage." I have also attended Ranger School, LRS Leader Course, and Jumpmaster School.

Good response.

Methinks you should request an admin or mod to modify your initial post to achieve clarity. We take misrepresenting someone's past very seriously on this board. ANY reputable military board will also be a stickler for this. It's hard enough weeding out all the liars/cheats/oxygen thieves as it is. Clarity is a sought after trait.

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