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Verified Military
Feb 12, 2012
South Texas
Espada here ( I collect antique military swords), just learned of the site from a Marine Corps buddy. Enlisted US Army 1961, assigned to 508th PIR, 3d Bn detached from the 82d, down in Panama. Got out, finished school, enlisted USMC and went to OCS @ Quantico. Subsequently assigned to G/2/5 in RVN, with a combined unit mission, discharged active duty 1971, now still working in the oil business in The Republic of Texas. Looking forward to communicating here with America's best -
Welcome, once you get vetted send me some contact info and I have someone who deals in antique weapons at the right price that I'll have contact you.
By the way, still looking for the gate to get "verified," to send in my DD214.

Welcome to the site, Espada. You can post up your docs for vetting when you click the "vetting" tab directly beneath the "Shadowspear" logo on the top of the page. If everything is in order, it's normally a pretty quick turnaround.