future nightstalker hopefully


Nov 2, 2009
hey guys, like the title says im looking into becoming a nightstalker. the only thing that is keeping me from doing it is that i havent been at my current unit for a year and they're due to deploy next summer so i'll have to wait the whole deployment to then join. i was wondering if there are any waivers to join before i hit my 1 year mark in my unit?
Sorry bro, I haven't heard of anyone going to Green Platoon, going back to their unit and then after their time is up going to their assigned BN. Sometimes you'll go to your BN first and then do a TDY-R to GP. But most of the time, it's a PCS with a TDY-Enroute. What's your MOS?
I'm a 68W. I just don't want to wait 2 years before I can become a Nightstalker.

How many years of service do you have? I know 2 years can be an eternity when you really want something, but could an additional deployment make you a greater asset to the 160th when you assess into it?
The thing is that I'm in a support unit in which I do nothing medical EVER! I haven't done anything medical in 6 months since I graduated from AIT. When I bring it up they say "study on your time". I do that already cause I'm proactive but it's really getting on my last nerve. And if I wait 2 years obviously I'm gonna forget alot and decrease my chances of getting chosen to go through the SOCM course.
I guess the best route would be to Contact a recruiter and keep your name hot...you might just come down on orders. If that doesnt work just wait until your one year mark with your unit and drop your packet, if you get picked up you might get the PCS orders when you come home...