Future role in Ukraine for SOF?


Nov 17, 2017
US Approves Sniper Rifles, Scopes, Ammo for Ukraine

U.S. Approves License For Ukraine To Buy Light Weapons

Something that stuck out in particular in the first article was this statement,
"The administration held off on a larger weapons package backed by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to counter Russia." (paraphrased).

Does anyone here think that in maybe a decade+ there could be more escalation in Eastern Europe? With maybe even SF soldiers needing to get sent in to work with the local populace? I'm fluent in Russian and have family in Ukraine which is why this interests me. I asked retired CAG MSgt. John "Shrek" McPhee this question on IG haha and he doesn't think there will be a direct conflict. Looking for more input? Thank you men.
I wonder what they'll be chambered in? Would make sense to keep any of the old Soviet calibres since iirc Ukraine already produces that ammo.