Garmin forex series


Verified Military
Sep 14, 2009
Camp Lejeune NC
Anybody have any experience with the different models? I'll be leading patrols and am looking for something small, readily accessible, and can provide a 10 digit grid to constantly update my pos rep during patrol. Also waypoints would be nice as well. I realize all the models can do that I am looking for experience with battery life and overall functionality of one vs the other.
401 is awesome.
And you can upload all your waypoints and routes with a mini USB to your GPS off your computer. Pretty handy instead of hand jamming all your waypoints in. I've had the screen crack and break on a few of mine though so i'd suggest mounting it to your rig instead of your wrist. The garmin HCX is another good one, but expensive-though it does do color maps and most cool stuff, like give you a hunting fishing calendar :)