Good deal for Wounded NAVSPECWAR guy...


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Sep 6, 2007
Got this from a friend and is verifiable. Contact the individual below.

Guys, I am looking for a wounded/recovering Air Force CCT or PJ with SF attachment combat time to speak at my Wounded Warriors Ozark Fishing Event 18-22 May, 2011 here in Bull Shoals Arkansas. I'd also like a wounded/recovering Navy SPECWAR guy as well. I can't pay to get them here but I can put them up in really nice rooms with the TF Dagger Team and match them up with some local fishermen to take them fishing while they are here. Wives/Gals are invited to accompany them. The event is 60 days out and I have a lot of paperwork required for fishing license waivers and special permits to fish handicapped platforms. It's a garrrrrunnnnnteeeeed good time! You or they can contact me with info by facebook message. Thanks
Jimbo Blakeslee Task Force Dagger Ozark Fishing Adventure Coordinator.
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