Mar 29, 2012
I was curious about the Goruckchallenge after stumbling on it the other day is anyone familiar with this? I saw that it is run by the Green Beret Foundation so I figure this is a known event. Im registering for the Washington DC ruck over July 4th looks like a good time and good practice.
I haven't, but from what I heard it sounds similar to a day during team week.
I guess it'll serve as a good test for me. Im trying to teach myself some basic land nav prior to the challenge so Im hoping the ruck itself will act as proving grounds.
It seems pretty cool, bunch of guys I know have done it. I actually went to the SOF WODs 3 day course in Charlotte, NC back in February and it was great they have a 24 hour one as well which is more like a challenge but still instructional. http://sofwods.com/phasei/